Like many independent productions, "Dark Days" is the product of believers' generosity - roommates, investors, and vendors who liked Singer and his idea. Kodak, Singer says for example, "gave me as much film as I could carry." Cinevision "literally gave" Marc the camera for two and a half years and taught him how to use it. He borrowed money, sold everything he owned, maxed out about ten credit cards, and to this day, is still squatting in friends' apartments.

GraphIc DEsign

APoCalypse Project

The ESA Project
ark sIDE OF Apocalypse

Exclusive design made for Absolut Corp in 2004. The concept received outstanding innovation for creativity and originality in design but cannot be used due to company policy using now their own marketing design group
Melissa Mason Naar “Amelie” helped me for this design as well as jerry Bock in Miami to take care of the correspondence with Absolut Vodka in the USA and Europe

Exclusive design done by MHD59 in 2002 "The Steve Jobs Shadow collection" using a Apple Power Mac G4 Quick silver 867MHz DP - Full collection FREE to download in the Official Gallery Official Gallery

Black White PV33 2011 . Click Photo
Working With Mac since 1982

Imagine being alone in the forest looking for a source of water, you are almost dead. Then a bird flies around you giving you some kind of direction, you follow the bird and then you find in the middle of nowhere an orange tree giving you all the water and food you needed. 20 years ago a young girl dropped
An orange through the window of a plane, the seed of the orange took root and became a tree; the name of the girl? Patricia, “The gerbera girl”. It took me 25 years to find her. Today she lives in Miami, Florida.