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Maximin Lida or MHD59 from Studio 68 brings a sense of versatility about his work from the Metamorphosis chairs collection, hand painted eclectic clock, Japanese lacquered surfboard, contemporary glassware, or oil painting from minimalism to a more complex actual vision. Maximin Lida has mostly sold his work to the private collector or for special projects until  now. Graphic Designer and Photographer as well, his philosophy applies to a non-conformist style giving freedom to expression and quality rather than to commercial demand.

Few Words…

No matter what you do in your life and at work, you should always do the best and most beautiful thing you can. Most will say that you do not have to be so meticulous or do not need to do as much as you do -just the minimum. Well, I think that any task you do should be as aesthetic as possible, beauty cannot hurt but remember that doing something beautiful and simple is often  difficult to achieve. Simplicity is difficult ..... MHD59 or Maximin Lida, American, born in Paris, France, attended the University of Art and Philosophy as well as the Technical College of Food and Management. He has obtained a license and two bachelor’s degrees. MHD59 - Maximin Lida spends most of his time working as an independent artist in many fields, creating art, and since the early 80s has been working with the MAC platform in Graphic Design. Always creativity oriented, Lida promotes and develops concepts, philosophies through oil and acrylic paintings from Surrealism to Contemporary, Japanese Art, Eclectic furniture, hand painted glassware, museum clocks, architectural design, and objects. Maximin Lida is the founder of “Magic Surrealism”, an artistic movement that reflects creativity and caring in a world that needs more compassion than greed.

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The Art of MaXiMim

Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity - Strength and Love. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Art Painting Preview
MHD59 in 2015
The Unbearable Love of the Blue Horse for the Yellow Chick - Oil & acrylic on canvas
36 x 24 x 3/4 inches - 2010
“Chameleon” Dog - 2014
Wallpaper by MHD59 + PatriciaVasquez - Mac OS “Grand Canyon” 2016 USA Trip
Collection of 24 wallpaper in HD 2880 x 1920 FREE to Download
MHD59 . Maximin Lida
Felinity - Oil & acrylic on canvas - 52 x 31 x 5 inches - 2009
MHD59 . Maximin in 2017
Bow Tie by Hermes . Fantaisies Indiennes by Loic Dubigeon 1985