Maximin Lida or MHD59 over the years has been inspired by great American, French, German, South American and many other visionary Artists including painters with the sophistication and finesse of VERMEER, the skill of VICTOR VASARELY, the innovation, artistry and creativity of SALVADOR DALI, GIORGIO DE CHIRICO, KLAUS DIETRICH, PAVLINA BOROSHOVA, J.Y. TREMOIS, JEAN COCTEAU; photographers such as PETER STONE, PATRICK DEMARCHELIER, LOUISE DAHL WOLFE,  MICHAEL BABIN, DAVID LACHAPELLE, and the words of writers like OSCAR WILDE, who wrote: “the spirit creates, not blind imagination”.

I have adopted the maxims of creative Architect FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT because I believe Architecture is in close parallel to art by virtue of being a necessity as well as a luxury, an Art, and a science.
Other great artists today in Architecture and Design like GAUDI, ZAHA HADID, TADAO ANDO, or PHILIPPE STARCK have been able to create products or designs not only of high quality with an appropriate look at our Century, but with simplicity and functionality as well. The philosophy about Art in general is to be better than good but rather trying to be great in all.

I also credit other artists, philosophers, filmmakers, actors, and writers for their general influence in my life such as W.A. MOZART, MANUEL DE FALLA, PINK FLOYD, STEVE JOBS, AUGUST RODIN, CAMILLE CLAUDEL, FEDERICO GARCIA LORCA, CHARLES BEAUDELAIRE, PIERRE BOURDIEU, DANTE ALIGHERI, FRANZ KAFKA, J.J. ROUSSEAU, J.P. SARTRE, ANDRE GIDE, MAN RAY, GINO SEVERINI, DOS PASSOS, GUILLERMO TEL TORO, and so many other ordinary people who make a difference one way or another.

Creating the right piece of art today, unfortunately, does not depend on how talented you are but on who you know. I strongly believe that honesty, knowledge, and the passion for Art still have a place in the world today.
MHD59 approaches to the philosophy of  art, inspired by a clean, honest appearance of the creation, eliminating overkill and nonessential stupidity, giving priority to the main purpose or object, freshness, texture and reflection, not being suffocated with a grandiose influence of commercial and financial purpose of mass production. That is what we believe is necessary to the Art and to be in “sync” with the current period, or better, in advance to the current period.

One word frees us all the weight and pain of life - that word is love. Sophocles