I like to THINK that I’M A creative and artistic person, Detail oriented, Meticulous PROfessional, Thinking out of this big box... Working with People FROM AROUND THE WORLD, WITH DIFFERENT ETHNICITY and BACKGROUND, TRYING my BEST in a modest Way to propel” THE old idea of making this world A BETTER WORLD.
lots of efforts for the past decades that result in a FAIR (let’s be honest here) A POOR achievement, indeed let’s keep on trying to make this world NOW a better place. (of course, REMEMBER, there will always be many CLOWNS or BOZOS around to be in the way...
not give up to corruption, greed and Stupidity...
I LIKE COFFEE not the American coffee or the mediocre starbuck’s Rip-off,
I like as well sushi, ORIENTAL “Cuisine” 
beautiful COLORS, Butterflies, Gerbera FLOWERS and almost everything else my little partner PATRICIA, THE PALM TREE, THE BEACH and a SKY VERY BLUE, Traveling when I have enough money OF COURSE YES Money, or Green.
I do not like RACIST PEOPLE, INJUSTICE OR CORRUPTION... but you already known this by now
I do not speak my MIND so frequently ANYMORE, (Wondering why?) Still I have a big mouth...
YES and YES and YES, I do not believe in any GOD, I rather believe
IN YOU... yes you

Speak OuT

Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity -
Strength and Love. Martin Luther King, Jr.