Click the links below to access my short resume with photos concerning my experience in the hospitality industry. I have been regrouping a fews articles for the past 30 years, some of which unfortunately where damaged or lost. However, this will give you a good ideas of this time . Thanks for sharing it with me.

Hotel & Restaurant Hospitality

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The Year 2016

MHD59 / Michel Huchet / Maximin Lida
Culinary Exposition (More than 32 in USA and worldwide, NRA Chicago, IKA HOGA, etc…
Culinary Exposition
2005 to Present

Website Designer
Graphic Designer
General Art:
Japanese Painting
Surrealism Painting
Design Art Prototype
Apple Computer Tech

with my friend David Wagner when working for Richard Branson of Virgin
Black truffle beef “Tournedos” with wild mushrooms filled zucchini flowers for Andre Surmain in the “Relais a Mougins” in Palm Beach