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A journey in Paris and its surrounding to discover his architecture, Street, and much more.

This website has been done with the intention of sharing Paris Architecture and daily life, its touristic sites, monuments, as well as a view of the countryside. You will find hundreds of high resolution Photos - 1900x1000 FREE to download

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Welcome to Paris
Bienvenido a Paris
Bienvenue Paris

Paris is the most visited city in the world. Tourists love it, and if you don't know why, after a few days in Paris, and a bit of adaptation, you will see why! When you come to Paris from the United States or "America", the beautiful, you can tell the difference clearly. Both France and the United States have very similar issues going on: the poverty cycle, growing unemployment rates, as well as ethnic and racial events. The real difference lies in the response by their governments to such issues. The United States continues living on the old "American Dream". 
People in France live in a different but, in my opinion, better way. Priorities for French people are other than those of American people. They appreciate good food and enjoy a simpler life in a country full of beauty and history; a more organized and in many ways technologically advanced country than the US.
Despite their reputation as rude people, French people are far from being rude. They are friendly and welcome tourists nicely, unlike Miami where most people seem to be "naturally" angry everywhere you go.
The myth of France being a socialist country is not true. This arises from ignorance. In fact, France is more "social" than socialist, with a well thought healthcare system and lots of benefits. French people pay high taxes but get lots in return. Americans also pay high taxes in general and get almost nothing in return.

America is no longer the super power it once was. Power is now distributed in many countries around the world, one of them being France. Today, both France and America are powerful, but the difference lies in that France started looking towards the future a long time ago, and little by little has reached a more developed culture, trying to maintain the living conditions of people stable. Living conditions in America have changed dramatically throughout the latest years. Politicians and their idea of “WE THE PEOPLE” no longer prevails. Basically, people are getting nothing no matter which president or party is elected.

We want you to enjoy your tour in Paris and around France like we did, the contrast between the past and the contemporary  architecture. The history that the French government has successfully preserved, aware of the fact that this is part of why people love and visit France!

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